9 Points We bet you failed to realize about DDLJ


9 Facts about DDLJ..

1. The now famous title of the movie wasn’t born in the scriptwriters’ room; rather the title  ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’(DDLJ) was the brainchild of Anupam Kher’s wife, Kirron Kher.


2. Shah Rukh Khan fans might want to sit down for this one – The role of Raj Malhotra was originally offered to Saif Ali Khan who turned it down for reasons unfathomable to the human mind. National Award winning movies, who even needs ‘em? Not the Nawab of Pataudi surely.

 Role of Raj Malhotra was originally offered to Saif Ali Khan

3. Don’t get up just quite yet, all you SRK fans because here’s where it gets even more shocking – Saif wasn’t the original choice for Raj either. Aditya Chopra was all set to cast Tom Cruise as the lead, before his father Yash Chopra dissuaded him and insisted on casting Indian faces instead.

Tom Cruise is 1st choice of Aditya Chopra in DDLJ

4. And the movie’s casting woes didn’t end there; SRK wasn’t big on portraying a pansy chocolate boy role either as he didn’t want to get typecast as the loverboy. Fate however had other, better things in mind and Aditya Chopra’s office today holds a signed poster from SRK that reads, “Thank you for making me the star that I am today.”


5. Director Aditya Chopra cheekily ‘forgot’ to mention to Kajol that SRK was scheduled to drop her at the end of the song, ‘Rukh Jaa O Dil Deewane,’ purely so that her reaction would appear more genuine.

Shahrukh and Kajol in DDLJ

6. The movie, to date, holds an unbeaten record in the history of Indian cinema with its last show in December marking a whopping number of 1000 weeks and 7000 days at the box office.

Kajol in song "Mere Khwaabon mein jo aaye"

7. In yet another casting coup, Armaan Kohli who was originally slated to play the role of Kajol’s onscreen fiancé found himself rejected in favour of Parmeet Sethi, solely because the latter turned up at the screen test decked in boots, jeans and a waistcoat. First impressions are indeed the last impressions. Hence proven.

5. Parmeet Sethi

8. The iconic leather jacket that SRK dons in the movie was actually one of Uday’s finds; he ran it to earth in a Harley-Davidson store in California for the cosy amount of $400.


9. In a bid to work on improving his camera angles, Aditya Chopra apparently roped in Karan Johar and Uday Chopra to  with Karan Johar posing as Kajol and Uday Chopra as Farida Jalal. Anyone else get the feeling that Uday missed out on his true calling? *gasp*



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